Андрей Мальгин (avmalgin) wrote,
Андрей Мальгин

Шлягеры 1933 года

Ty Parvis - Honolulu Baby

Marlene Dietrich – Jonny

Cab Calloway - Reefer Man

Bing Crosby - Temptation

Ivy Anderson & Duke Ellington Orchestra - Stormy Weather

Shirley Ross - Blue moon

Louis Armstrong – Dinah

Ethel Waters - Am I Blue

Gladys Brittain and The Leaders - Shadow Waltz

Ruth Etting - I'm Dancing with Tears in my Eyes

Sam Ash - Beautiful Girl

Arthur Jarrett - My Dancing Lady

Baby Rose Marie – My Bluebird’s Singing The Blues

Annette Hanshaw - We Just Couldnt Say Goodbye

Sylvia Froos & Eddy Duchin orchestra - Lullaby Of The Leaves

Nelson Eddy - Rhythm of the Day

Lillian Roth - Come Up And See Me Some Time

Maureen O'Sullivan - Dancing On A Rainbow

Cliff Edwards - I Did It With My Little Ukelele

Jessie Matthews and John Gielgud - Three Wishes

Janet Gaynor - My Heart's Desire

Dorothy Dare - Yoo Hoo Hoo

Dranem - Chanson du doge

Lilian Harvey - Wie hab' ich nur leben können ohne dich

Joseph Schmidt - Mal d'amore

Georg Malmstén - Leila

Hanka Ordonówna - Miłość ci wszystko wybaczy

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