Андрей Мальгин (avmalgin) wrote,
Андрей Мальгин

Шлягеры 1931 года

Eddie Cantor – Yes Yes My Baby Said Yes Yes

Cliff Edwards - Theme Song

Bing Crosby, Bebe Daniels and June MacCloy - When the Folks High Up Do The Mean Low Down

Ruth Etting - Love is Like That

Janet Gaynor - Somebody From Somewhere

Ona Munson & Ben Lyon - You're The Cats, You're The Berries

Pat O'Brian & Kathryn Crawford - We'll Dance Until The Dawn

Ben Lyon & Ona Munson - Like Ordinary People Do

Vittorio Parisi – Marechiare

Comedian Harmonists - Veronika

Ernst Busch - Moritatsong (Mack the Knife)

Михаил Жаров – Нас на свете два громилы…
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