April 30th, 2006


Иностранные проститутки в Голландии

Поисковик привел на сайт Г.Каспарова, где трепали мое имя. Неожиданно нашел там статистику голландских проституток (раскладка по странам, откуда прибыли). Вот как это выглядит:
42,8% Netherlands (своих любят больше)
5,6% Poland
4,7% Surinam
4,5% Thailand
3,9% Germany
3,4% Dominican Republic
3,3% Brazil
2,6% Czech Republic
2,5% Spain
2,1% Russia
2,0% Morocco
1,7% Belgium
1,6% Bulgaria
1,5% Hungaria
1,4% Venezuela
1,3% Greece
1,3% Indonesia
1,2% Italy
0,9% Lithuania
0,8% Ukrain
0,7% Netherlands Antilles
0,6% Rumania
0,6% Ghana
0,6% (former) Yugoslavia
0,5% Slovakia
0,5% Turkey
0,4% France
0,3% Jamaica
0,3% Portugal
0,3% Cuba
0,3% China
0,3% Nigeria
0,2% Philipines
0,2% Tunesia
0,2% Albania
0,2% Ecuador

Статистика весьма приблизительная, т.к.:
counted 3592 prostitutes of who some 2759 the countries of origin were revealed. I have made some adjustments though, because for many prostitutes the only information there is is that they come, for instance from "Eastern Europe". So these numbers are really rough. And I recently discovered (March 16, 2006) that many "Italian" prostitutes actually could be Albanians or Bulgarians (often they say to the clients they are from Italy). Same for the Greek prostitutes. And perhaps the Spanish and Portuguese prostitutes are in fact Latin Americans. And many Surinamese prostituse actually could be from the Netherlands Antilles, because clients don't make that distinction.
Уверен, что и большинство барышень, представившихся русскими, на самом деле хохлушки.

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