December 29th, 2009


Ирландская народная песня «Мой папа любит Никиту Хрущева»

Впервые исполнено на National Stadium in Dublin, February 1977


One fine day in May, the sun was on the sea
I went for a swim, I took along my bottle
Swam among the waves so very calm indeed
And green as all the grass that grows from Howth to Dalkey
Swam around Killiney Bay, lovely day
Down below I see a couple of hungry fishes
Then I went along my way, rounding the bay
I thought I'd better say a prayer for dear old daddy

Holy moly me, my father loves Nikita Khrushchev
Holy moly me, he loves Nikita Khrushchev
Holy moly me!
Did-in-na-ya, did-in-na-ya, did-in-na-ya, did-in-na-ya,
Did-in-na-ya, did-in-na-ya, did-in-na-ya, did-in-na-ya,

Stood upon a rock and looked out on the sea
Sleeping like a baby long before he's born
I felt the morning breeze so very sweet indeed
Like fishes in the night and seaweed in the morning
Took a towel and dried me back, lit up a fag
Watched the smoky blue go blowing out in the sunlight
Out beyond Killiney Bay, over the sea
I thought I'd better say a prayer for dear old daddy


I am happy here, my bottle is in my hand
Half a quart of beer is all I really need
I whistled out today, today I never planned
Never knew that I could do without my brother
Or me sister or me aunt, bad as they are
Never knew that I could do without my mother
Threw my bathing suit away, those who have seen it
Once will never mind it, the others won't recognise it


Ran along the sand and jumped from rock to rock
Going to get a tan in places I never dreamed of
Anyone I meet will surely get a shock
Unless they're doing the same as me this lovely evening
Turning cartwheels in the sand, over I go
Standing on my head and landing on my bottom
Such a lovely day today, happy I am
That I've got more to do than worry about my father


Типа продолжение следует...

Ко мне в комменты к записи про так называемый "Красный Блицкриг" явился лично известный метатель помидоров и недавний узник совести kenigtiger (А.Морозов) и произошел широкий обмен мнениями. Надеюсь, достойный внимания почтенной публики. Так что, если кто в теме, даю ссылку:
У него вообще много интересного, помимо его воли, проскочило. Сами поймете.
Я уж не говорю о том, что, в отличие от своих сомнительных товарищей, занимающихся в основном трескотней в интернете, kenigtiger совершил по крайней мере один вполне похвальный поступок: обстрелял из обреза окна партии "Единая Россия". Правда, с непривычки не рассчитал отдачу и одна пуля влетела в окно местного отдела ФСБ. Тоже неплохо.