Андрей Мальгин (avmalgin) wrote,
Андрей Мальгин

Шлягеры 1929 года

В дополнение к верхнему посту.

Cliff Edwards and The Brox Sisters - Singin' In The Rain

Red MacKenzie - I ain't got nobody

Nick Lucas - Tip Toe Thru The Tulips

Al Jolson - There's A Rainbow Round My Shoulder

Sharon Lynn - Happy Days

Winnie Lightner - Pingo Pongo

Irene Bordoni - Just an hour of love

Rudy Vallee and his Conneticut Yankees - Nobody's Sweetheart

Max and Harry Nesbitt - My Baby's Got Red Hair And Freckles

Gene Austin - Carolina Moon

Ruth Tester & Allan Gould - Manhattan

Leo Reisman Casino Royal Orchestra - The Wedding Of The Painted Doll

Maurice Chevalier - My love parade

John Boles - The Rangers' Song

Richard Tauber – Schöner Gigolo
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