Андрей Мальгин (avmalgin) wrote,
Андрей Мальгин

Хиты тридцатых годов

Marlene Dietrich - You Little So-and-So (Blonde Venus)
Mae West - Willie of the Valley
Jessie Matthews - There Goes The Bride
Fréhel - Telle qu' il est il me plait
Django Reinhardt - Swing
Bing Crosby - Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
The Boswell Sisters - Sleepy Time Down South
Cab Calloway - Let's Have a Ball!
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers - Let's Face the Music and Dance
Greta Keller – Auf Wiedersehen my dear
Bando Da Lua Boys - Brazil
Shirley Temple - When I Grow Up
Louis Armstrong - I Cover The Waterfront
Brox Sisters - Falling in Love Again
Cab Calloway - Reefer Man
Fats Waller - I've Got My Fingers Crossed
Jeanette MacDonald - Beyond the Blue Horizon
Леонид Утесов - Сердце

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